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Goat Strolls is located at the southern end of S Cherry Street within the city limits of Tomball, Texas.  Our micro ranch is a four acres on which we live , raise goats and do many fun mechanical projects.  Our micro ranch, spanning four acres, is not just a place; it's a haven where we live, raise delightful goats, and embark on countless captivating mechanical projects.


When you visit for your Goat Stroll, you’ll see our barn, lively chickens, trusty tractors, and a collection of vintage mechanical marvels that tell stories of days gone by. Among these treasures is our pride – a 1963 authentic London Double Decker bus, adding a touch of timeless allure to our eclectic landscape.


Looking for the perfect venue? Our ranch is the ideal backdrop for birthday parties, family reunions, or team-building events. And yes, our goats are always ready to add their unique charm to the festivities.

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Join us at Goat Strolls, where every stroll becomes a journey through a delightful blend of nature, nostalgia, and goat-filled joy.

Contact Us

Contact us today if you have a question or you want to book your unforgettable Goat Stroll experience! We guarantee it'll be the "goatest" time you've ever had!

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